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Solution – Linux Mint terminal apt-get command not found

This is one of the weirdest bugs that I have ever seen! I spent quite a lot of time until I found the solution on Google so I thought I will blog it for easier access to others who may run into the same issue.

I installed Mint Linux to give the distribution a try and as soon as installation completed I did:

sudo apt-get update

Then I got “apt-get : command not found”. Now, anybody who spends enough time behind the computer screen is used to with getting weird errors but this one is a little too much!

After a good amount of Googling I was almost ready to quit and go back to good old Ubuntu. Then I found the solution on a bug report. If you get this error, you must have added a new keyboard layout…

Go to the keyboard layouts menu and remove the “Ireland” entry. Removing the Ireland option and setting the layout that you have added as default solves this problem.

Why the “Ireland” is there at the first place? Not sure but may have something to do with the founder of Mint distro being from Ireland.

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  1. Go to the keyboard layouts menu and remove the “Ireland” entry. – what does this mean where is the keyboard layout – on you machine or a command thing -help i got the same problem

    • On the Menu, type “keyboard layout” in the search box. That should bring up the dialog that you need to launch.

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