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Solution – svnsync Server certificate verification failed

I received an email from the server where I backup an SVN repository with the following message:
Server certificate verification failed: certificate has expired, certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted

This is a svnsync command that runs on cron for updating the SVN repository, over https. I thought I can manually do the sync once and accept the service. In order for this question to appear though, you need to remove “–non-interactive” from the svnsync command. Otherwise, as expected, you will not be questioned and will not be able to accept the certificate.

Remove –non-interactive from the svnsync command and accept the certificate permanently

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  1. One thing if you got

    svnsync –sync-username=youruser –sync-password=yourpassword –source-username=youruser –source-password=yourpassword –config-dir “/path/yo/yoursvn” –no-auth-cache –non-interactive –trust-server-cert sync file://localhost/var/youpath

    you need to erase
    –no-auth-cache –non-interactive –trust-server-cert
    to svn keep certificate permanently

    maximilianoSeptember 11, 2012 @ 6:29 pmReply

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