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Using Amazon’s S3 – Simple Storage Service as an online backup service

I was looking to replace our online file backup solution at globalme. We have been using adrive, which served well, however had some limitations, mostly the lacking support for our Linux based file server. I checked some other online backup solutions for Linux but could not find anything that I liked. Then I decided to look into using S3 simple storage service from Amazon.

With S3, you pay for what you use. Amazon charges per GB used instead of “this many dollars for this much storage”. There is no GUI provided by Amazon, however, there are a few options available. S3Fox is a Firefox plugin which provides a similar interface to the ftp plugin FireFTP. Then there is Cockpit, which is a browser based solution provided as part of JetS3t application package.

It took a few Google searches before I was able to find an easy tutorial on how to set it up on Ubuntu server. Then I landed on this blog posting by John Eberly which is straight to the point and worked perfectly. The whole setup took around 20 minutes. Upload performance was similar to adrive’s and it provides further flexibility if needed.

If you are looking for an online backup solution, I recommend considering S3.

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