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A Simple Toastmasters Timer Light Replacement

At VETC (Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club) we have replaced the traditional Toastmasters Timer Light with a high tech solution. One of our members donated an old laptop which didn’t have a lot of computing power left in it which was the perfect hardware for the virtual timer light.

Using a computer instead of the traditional Toastmasters Timer Light has a few advantages:

– Makes Timer’s job easier
– Eliminates the possibility of Timer loosing track of time and forgetting to change the light
– Saves membership bucks being spent on the ridiculously pricey Toastmasters Lights

I replaced the existing Windows installation with a light weight Linux distribution, Puppy Linux. Puppy barely uses any resources and therefore minimizes the risk of freezing, locking etc. I then customized a Javascript counter and our new virtual Toastmasters Timer Light was ready to go.

The file is available for download and free from any restrictions. You can use in any way you want. Click the link to give it a try or right click and select “Save Target As” to download it.

Virtual Toastmasters Timer Light

Behavior of the light is the same with the traditional light, turns green, yellow, red and finally to black when it is time for clapping the speaker down. Happy public speaking!

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  1. Hi Emre: I am eager to try your software. I will download it now onto my PC anad later onto a laptop wich I can then take to meetings.

  2. Since the time shows digitally in large letters, this is great for a practise timer. I suggest that in meetings, where we should be learning to be guided by general, not precise, time indicators, it would be better to have very small, or no, digital indicators of time.

    Certainly, for contests, it would not be appropriate to have digital time visible, nor would it be appropriate to have the indicator go black at “clap-down” since there should be no clap-down and no indication of time disqualification.

    Rick de BeaudrapOctober 21, 2012 @ 8:18 pmReply
  3. Curious How difficult to change timing, here we have table topics greeen 1 minute, yellow 1:15, red 1:30?

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