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How to change comment author in a pdf?

This post explains the steps to change the author of comments that have already been added to the pdf. That is, you have the review comments in a pdf posted as xxxxx and you want to change them to yyyyy.

Bulk updating the comment author in a pdf

    • Enable the comment list

pdf change comment author

    • Select the top comment in the list by clicking on it, a gray rectangle will appear around the comment
    • Scroll all the way down in the list. Hold the shift key down and select the last comment. All the comments in your list should now be selected
    • Right click on the author name in one of the comments and select properties

pdf comment properties

  • Go to the General tab and type the new name that you want to appear in the Author field, click OK

Comments will be bulk updated with the new reviewer that you have entered.

If you want to update the author name that appears in the comments as they are added, change your identity by following the steps posted at this blog post.

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  1. If it were not your post, my comments on the proof of the article in physics would be signed “papa” (I made it at home)…
    Thanks a lot!

    Vsevolod PopovFebruary 1, 2012 @ 7:58 amReply

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